How Do We Generate Real Estate Leads Through Social Media?

There are more than 3.78 billion social media users globally, with the average person spending close to 2 ½ hours daily using social media.


With a large percentage of the global audience already on social media daily, why not meet your real estate business where they spend time daily?


With its incredible capacity to reach a broad audience across geographical boundaries, social media has a lot more to offer to businesses of any type and size. It means including real estate businesses as well.


In a competitive marketplace, real estate businesses compete to attract leads. The going can be challenging most of the time. Now where social media plays a vital role. It helps real estate companies find a broader audience in the right area and at the right time. Real estate companies could do well to enlist the expert skills of top social media marketing agency TG Connect Media Services to extract the maximum out of social media.


In the U.S., 3 out of 4 users search for local businesses on Facebook at least a week, while 77% of realtors are actively using social media for real estate in some form. Similarly, in India, more and more people and real estate companies are using social media for real estate.


Reports have it that most real estate businesses find that social media results offer them better quality leads when compared to other sources. It can earn likewise for your real estate company, providing a concrete social media strategy backs it.




Social media can help real estate companies to obtain a high number of leads, provided they




There are many social media platforms, but this does not mean that your real estate business should select all of them. Instead, you should research your target audience, identify their favorite social media platforms, select the ones they use the most, and offer your real estate business the most benefits.


Facebook ranks heads and shoulders above other platforms. With over 2.89 billion monthly active users in 2021, it has been the most effective platform in the world.


What makes it so good is it offers so many features. For instance, ‘Facebook Marketplace’ will allow your real estate business to sell properties by creating mobile-friendly listings; listing your inventory for free; showcasing all the information buyers would like to know, like location, price, etc., and adding images (up to 50); etc. It also makes communication easier with buyers to contact directly from listing through Facebook Messenger. Real estate chatbots can reply to customers, answer questions, etc.


Another interesting Facebook feature is Facebook Groups to make offers & share marketplace listings with other relevant Facebook Groups. It will help generate leads.


Instagram is another quality platform. Its Instagram stories and Instagram Reels can be used for posting properties and experimenting with images in a way that will get buyers interested in what’s being offered. Aside from this, it also offers geo-targeting for each post shared, the property’s location, and information that will ensure that your real estate business’ posts will appear on search pages of relevant Instagram users in a specific area. Then some hashtags will help boost the visibility of Instagram posts. For instance, using relevant 40 hashtags helps expand the audience base and broadens the post’s reach.


YouTube is yet another quality social media platform. It will help real estate companies show through videos their new properties, ‘behind-the-scenes’ happenings, tutorials and faqs of properties, etc. 




Optimizing social media accounts is essential to reach out to more audiences better and faster. It means filling all the required fields with vital information that clients would like to know about your real estate business.


Add to this, give the social media account a professional touch by including images that incorporate your real estate company’s logo and business colors to help and make it instantly recognizable. The same image is used across all social media platforms. 




If the social media content is dull tasteless and unattractive, Your content must be inspiring and powerful to connect with the audience and resonate with the target audience’s aspirations.




It’s essential to offer them what they would like to see and read. Aside from this, fresh content must be posted and upgraded at frequent intervals to keep the social media channel account attractive to create content posts and schedule them for a specific time frame.


If this is followed dedicatedly, it will help your real estate business’ social media channel account extend its reach and engagement levels while sustaining the overall online visibility.




Social media ads are highly effective and can help generate immense real estate leads in a short timeframe. By leveraging them, your real estate business can target users based on location, demographics, preferences, connections, etc. To help generate quality leads.


Ads must be attractive with a lot of visual and engaging text and a compelling CTA, well-targeted at a specific target audience. Aside from this, such ads should be linked to essential pages to generate maximum impact.


There is also a Lead Form that can obtain the audience’s contact details. To give the audience more than what they want, buyer guides, market analyses, and such resources can be used to keep them usefully engaged.


Social media also offers targeted advertising options that can be leveraged and tailored to audiences in specific locations. It will help create more brand awareness and generate trust with your target audience.


Further, it’s also possible to provide better customer service and obtain customer feedback. To help ascertain their views and suggestions that your real estate business can incorporate to fine-tune its policies and offerings.


Your customer support team needs to promptly reply to all types of comments and prioritize negative feedback/reviews.




The covid-19 pandemic did not just impact the real estate industry but has also changed how the industry functions and conducts its business. 


In the post-COVID era, leveraging social media will help your real estate business promote its properties and garner better and more leads. It’s advisable to enlist the expertise of a top social media marketing agency, TG Connect Media Services. It will help your real estate business harness its capabilities and obtain the maximum benefits that will be value-for-money for your real estate business.