You may wonder why you need social media marketing in Navi Mumbai for your retail business?

The answer is that retail has undergone several changes over the years. The digital revolution brought in its wake several dramatic trends that have altered the very landscape of retail businesses around the world.

One such trend is social media and social media marketing. Today social media marketing is essential to any retail business’s toolkit and central to their marketing strategy.

In 2021, social media marketing became a key driver for online sales growth for retail businesses. Around 56% that is 4.48 billion, of the world’s population, used social media to get across to retail businesses.

Is your retail business there where it should be?

If not, then with TG Connect Media Services’ social media marketing in Navi Mumbai, it can meet today’s shoppers’ expectations and standards.


If you’re looking to use social media for retail, there are certain things that you need to follow. When it comes to that, here are five of the most useful tips to help you achieve what you want.


There are several social media platforms today. But not all of them are used extensively by the audience. To get the best out of social media for retail, you must first be clear about the target demographic and find out on which social media platforms they are most active. Then, you need to select the platforms they most use. It will help you get across to the right audience and most number of people.

For instance, if you’re now targeting a retail audience, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, each with a massive user base, will be the best social media option. That’s where the retail audience will be most of the time.

But still, if you’re doubtful, you can leverage a tool called ‘Keyhole’, which will help your retail business find where the target audience is most active. Just select a popular hashtag that is used for campaigns by your retail competitors, and then search with the help of Keyhole.

By selecting the right social media platforms, your retail business can reach the right target audience, thereby improving the chances of driving sales dramatically.


 Engaging social media content engages more social media users. Make sure your social media content is relevant and appealing to the users in a way that will engage them and compel them to take a positive decision or make a purchase.

Aside from this, you can also promote on social media with informational content that will generate value for your social media audience. For instance, you can highlight your brand’s appeal in an appealing tone or provide how-to-do content and guides. It will give the audience information that encourages them to your brand and try your product/service.

Such information will also get potential customers to try new ideas on using your product/service while considering buying them, leading to more conversions.


Thanks to modern media technology, celebrities are today lionized and adored. To exploit their popularity, marketers leverage a popular form of marketing called ‘Influencer Marketing’. It helps get influencers to promote products/services and reach out to their fan base.

Another example is popular wristwatch maker Daniel Wellington which has been using an influencer marketing strategy since 2011. With the influencer’s assistance, it could sell one million watches within three years. In 2015, it generated revenue worth US$220 million, an astonishing 214% jump from 2014.

So, if you want to enhance your retail sales through social media, harness social media influencers’ power. Use their clout to either promote your brand and products/services and provide how-to-use or do content or tutorials on your products/services, or strategically promote your retail brand and products/services in their videos or photos. It will drive your retail sales and deliver ROI, which can go as high as 600% in certain cases.


You need not just leverage the power and reach of social media influencers to promote your brand and products/services. Instead, you can also leverage the power of loyal customers to your brand.

To get them to promote your brand and products/services, entice them with discounts and freebies. It will tempt them to act as your brand advocates.

Now, you may be wondering how you can find such loyal customers.

Just conduct hashtag and keyword searches related to your brand or product/service name on social media. It will help you find people posting positive content about your brand. For instance, let us say that your retail brand is ‘XYZ’. Searching for #xyz on Instagram or Twitter will indicate them and the influencers you’re working with or have worked with already. Once you find your retail’s loyal customers, get them to create some posts featuring your brand or products/services. Then leverage analytics offered by the concerned social media platforms. It will help you determine how and what your target audience responds to.


According to a market survey, around 72% of millennial consumers feel that retail stores should offer them options that help save time while shopping.

Today’s social-savvy customers’ are always looking for time-saving shopping experiences and desire smart shopping experiences and shopping convenience across all social media channels. Around 31% of consumers are keen on buying products through the voice-controlled device. It means retail stores should offer them such options to help save their time and make better purchases.

Thankfully, many social media platforms offer retail businesses several features that will help create a smooth end-to-end purchase process with just a few purchasing steps. One such feature is creating shoppable posts with products.

Another useful feature is ‘the social check-out feature which eliminates barriers, if any, between the purchase process and the moment of decision. When a customer, while scrolling their social feed, comes across a product that’s liked instantly, the customer will make an instant purchase decision. Social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have a check-out feature that will direct people from retail businesses’ organic or paid posts to final check-out without leaving the app.

The power and reach of social media are such that even those retail businesses that don’t have a website can use them to promote and sell their products/services. All that is required is to use social media pages to create a brand identity with which social media users users users want to be identified will help boost engagement and then sales.

To extract the best out of social media marketing services or elsewhere, it’s best advisable to enlist the services of a top social media marketing firm like TG Connect Media Services, a top social media marketing company in Navi Mumbai.


By using social media and following the right tips, your retail brand can win the trust of the right target audience and enhance its sales.

By harnessing the assistance of TG Connect’s social media marketing in Navi Mumbai, your brand can gain more visibility to a more relevant audience and engage and compel potential customers to use your retail products/services.