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Why should you be Interested?

Fact: 44% of Email Marketing Recipients Made At Least One Purchase Last Year Based On a Promotional Email. *ConvinceandConvert Research.

What counts when you send an email to your opt-in or B2B direct response email list? How can you grow your email marketing list to include more customers who are ready to buy? Which aspects of what you send out are most important? Which ones are going to clench the sale? Which ones are going to push email recipients into selecting your opt-out button? The options with email marketing are ridiculously complex, and without the right guide to get you from trailhead to camp, you’re going to get lost somewhere in the middle without any email subscribers to help you out of a serious marketing jam.

We can save you from that nightmare now. Wake Up to Better Open Rate, Click Through, and App Rates.

At TG Connect Media Services, we not only know which options and work and which ones don’t, but we also have the technology and support ready to help you make every email count. It’s a smarter approach to email marketing, and one that will have subscribers as excited about your emails now as they were when they first heard the phrase “You Have Mail!”

The DIY Approach :

Still not convinced you need help to compose a simple email? Have you taken the time to think about data segmentation? Have you taken a moment to develop a strategy to build your database? What about creative email design that will incorporate eye catching elements for subscribers? Is testing and measurement even on your radar? TG Connect Media Services has you covered with the tools you need most now to ensure every aspect is handled. Our data-centric approach means high engagement from the very first email as well as the professionals who can help you strategize for upcoming campaigns.

At TG Connect Media Services, we believe in the power of a single email, and we can help you believe too. Contact us today for a consultation that will have you rethinking that next email marketing campaign you’re planning.

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